Drinking urine is good or bad

Drinking urine is good or bad?

The perspectives of those people have to also be recounted and revered for they too have a right.

However, allow me let you know a short story. 3 months ago, a close buddy had what the docs described as a terminal ailment.

He spent fortunes in desperate search for cure and yet no recuperation in sight.

The spouse jumped from one health facility to the alternative in lagos, nigeria and there was no achievement.

Drinking urine is good or bad

she visited church buildings inside and out of doors Lagos and fasted for days so that god will heal the husband. But, no impressive healings.

When I made out time from my busy schedules as a training journalist to go to him in sanatorium, my pal informed me in confident that he is fed up with life.

I paused for little while in meditation and the message i acquired turned into that my buddy have to start urine therapy and drink his personal urine often.

Drinking urine is good or bad?

However, when I advised my buddy, he notion i have gone mad and in reality said so. I wished him properly and left the medical institution.

3 weeks after, my loved pal called to inform me that after days of soul looking and primarily based on on-line findings on urine remedy, he has decided to give it a strive. I wanted him.

After drinking his urine each day for 2 months, my buddy referred to as on monday to tell me as an alternative excitedly that his health has stepped forward appreciably.

  • He instructed me that medical checks conducted on him nowadays showed that he changed into returning lower back to lifestyles from the grave.
  • Again, i want him well and silently thanked god and the cosmic masters.
  • Take it or leave it, i realize urine is water of lifestyles. It treatment options many diseases and illnesses and that i propose you to offer it a try.

Most cancers, bacterial, viral, fungal infections, autoimmune sickness, zits and different skin problems, cleaning of blood, promotion of healthy coronary heart, relieve sting and burning wound.

maintain young skin, relieve constipation and calm nerves are a number of the sicknesses and diseases that would be cured by urine.

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